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Powering Up the Sales Channel via Mobile
Think Versatile recently released a global sales training app for Johnson Controls Power Solutions Division, the largest manufacturer of automotive batteries in the world. The app, designed for iPad and Android tablets, provides fundamental battery education for retail sales personnel and leads users through an interactive learning experience. The app provides the user with a […] Read more »

The Message is the Medium (Why brand consistency is more important than ever)
Because the medium is in a state of hurried change – your brand message needs to be rock solid. In today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape, delivering a clear, consistent message is more important than ever. True, you have more tools, avenues and ways to segment and reach your market. Perhaps too many. Just look at […] Read more »

Mobile Leasing App Engages & Streamlines
You have to love it when you achieve both marketing and operational success through one initiative, which is exactly what we helped deliver for the Irvine Company Apartment Communities. Streamlining the leasing process in multifamily communities benefits both the company and prospective tenants.  Through research and focus groups, Think Versatile designed, piloted and then successfully […] Read more »